New York's Top Ten Startup Founders Over 40

It may come as a surprise to many, but most startup founders are actually in their 30's, and 38 percent are over 40, according to a study conducted by Mattermark on behalf of Bloomberg Beta. Even more enlightening is the fact the average age of successful startup founders is 40 years old .

Adina Levin - Forty Over 40

"Adina is in a near constant state of disruption....She dissects everything...sees connections in disparate things. It's apparent in every idea, project, and installation she designs and builds for clients such as L'Oreal, Nickelodeon, Children's Museum of Manhattan and United Nations. She infuses her insatiable curiosity and innovative spirit into Collab on a daily basis."

Why collaborative work may be the future of business

Published on Brett Wallace Follow Following Unfollow Brett Wallace Sign in to follow this author The following post is part of "The Conversation Project" - a series of interviews with influencers in the contemporary art world.


Fab Lab Meets Think Tank (With Lasers!) At Collab NYC | Fast Company | The Future Of Business

New York's Collab gives members access to 3-D printers, lasers, industrial equipment, and more in exchange for creative collaborations across industries. Here cofounders Adina and Mark Levin explain why you need an invite to get in-and why you will definitely want one.

Collab: Creators Working in Parallel | Make:

Co-working office space, a woodshop, sewing lab, creative people, dogs and a laser cutter; how awesome is that?!?! Adina and Marc Levin show us around Collab, their collaborative workspace in Manhattan, which is pretty much the coolest place you could imagine working in.


Makerspace Organizers at the White House

Editor's Note: In light of the recently release report, "Making It Here: The Future of Manufacturing in New York City", we consider it worth offering news of national events that directly pertain to high tech manufacturing in New York City. ________________________________________________________________________ By Marc Levin, Collab WASHINGTON, DC., August 31, 2016

Co-working spins off

At first glance, the Center for Social Innovation looks like your typical co-working or start-up office in the city. Inside the 27,000-square-foot former warehouse space at 601 West 26th Street in West Chelsea, there are rows of professionals sitting at long communal work tables and hunched over lap


Adina Levin | Co-Founder of Collab, a Collaborative Innovation Hub and Fabrication Lab in Manhattan

Adina and her husband Marc are the co-founders of Collab, a collaborative innovation hub and fabrication lab in New York City. Collab also serves as a think tank, where people working in a number of interdisciplinary fields can share ideas, stimulating the imagination, creativity and possibility.